3 Ways to Select the Right Fitting


To avoid damaging your fluid handling system or creating leakage, choose your fittings carefully. Experience indicates you should consider the following three variables:Fittings

  1. Tubing: Barbed fittings work best with flexible tubing such as silicone or PharMed® BPT. Compression fittings work well with rigid tubing such as PTFE or polypropylene.
  2. Material Compatibility: Fluids that are incompatible with fitting material may cause leakage or system damage. For highly corrosive fluids, PTFE fittings are best.
  3. Temperature and Pressure: Make sure the fittings you choose are rated for your operating conditions. Most fittings are not capable of performing at their maximum temperature and maximum pressure ratings simultaneously.

In addition to these, review the features and benefits of each fitting type. If all else is equal, some fittings offer increased accuracy and reliability or easy switch-out. Still unsure? Contact our technical support experts.

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