Ask the Tech Expert: Polo

Polo is a Cole-Parmer tech expert who has been responding to customers’ technical questions for more than seven years. Yet, at times things can get confusing on the phone. His name is short for Apolinar, but some customers really want to call him Carlos. He still answers their questions, but secretly wonders who Carlos is.

PoloWhile serving in the US Navy, Polo picked up skills in troubleshooting and trained in electronics. He combined his technical experience with his customer service proficiency to become a Technical Application Specialist. This helps him serve customers by looking at the bigger picture.

“I enjoy making recommendations by looking at the application as a whole. I may be asked a specific question, but then see the issue lies elsewhere,” he explained. “Whether the solution is a missing component or replacement item, I not only answer the question but seek to resolve the issue.”

Polo helps with customer returns, international requests, and fields any questions about Oakton® Instruments products. He also has an affinity for the Masterflex® line of peristaltic pumps and enjoys helping customers with pump-related issues.

So you can call Polo about just about anything—as long as you call him P-O-L-O. Or maybe Carlos.

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