Ask the Tech Expert: Dan

With more than a decade of serving customers by solving their technical issues, Tech Expert Dan who is an applications specialist at Cole-Parmer can answer even the trickiest questions.

“A customer had an exchanger leak in a cooling water return line,” he told us. “I recommended a hydrogen fluoride (HF) detector. The chemical may have been present due to the leak. The detector helped protect the environment as well as resolving the issue.”

DanLiskDan’s experience with Masterflex® peristaltic pumps, Digi-Sense temperature and environmental instruments, and Oakton® water quality meters makes him a valuable source of technical support. He also studies up on specific products such as flame photometers and viscometers.

“I get immense satisfaction from providing solutions customers can trust,” said Dan. “As a team, we are a resource for support beyond the product purchase. We will assist in any way we can.”

With years-deep experience, what challenges Dan?

Flowmeters can be interesting as they offer so many options. Narrowing the selection down to the specific meter that meets a customer’s application needs can be difficult,” he said.

Still, he accepts the challenge.

Do you have a question for our technical support team? Dan and his colleagues have an answer for you!

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