Why Masterflex Pump Heads?


Performance and ease-of use is the answer. Here are just a few Masterflex® pump head options and why they are the choice of peristaltic pump users (all are five-star rated!):

Masterflex® L/S® High-Performance Pump HeadMasterflex® L/S® High-Performance Pump Head

Offers the highest flow rate—and the highest pressure generation—of any L/S® pump head, Provides better suction lift, viscous fluid transfer, and long tubing life; enables you to pump at pressures up to 150 psi using L/S high-pressure pump tubing. The pump head design allows tubing to enter and exit the same side of the pump head. Mount the pump head to best suit your space and application needs.

Masterflex® L/S® Easy-Load® II Head for High-Performance Tubing, PPS/SS

Automatic retention holds tubing securely in place with no manual adjustment—just load the tubing and start the pump. Four-roller rotor improves pressure performance and mechanical stability while reducing pulsation. Improved occlusion bed geometry lengthens tubing life.

Masterflex® I/P® High-Performance Pump Head, Polyester/SS Housing with SS Rotor

Ideal for industrial process and production applications requiring a single pump head, this heavy-duty three-roller pump head produces flow rates up to 19 LPM—the highest of any I/P® pump head. C-shaped design allows tubing to enter and exit the same side of the pump head—facilitates connection to tubing inlet and outlet


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