Don’t Wait! 3 Reasons Why You Should Own an Oakton Ecotestr Today

Oakton® EcoTestr Pocket Testers
Oakton® EcoTestr Pocket Testers

While pocket testers have always been convenient, they offer many other advantages too. For example, the Oakton® EcoTestr Pocket Testers are available in pH, TDS, conductivity, and salinity formats and provide you with:

  1. Easy-to-read displays—view measurements at a glance
  2. Durable construction (housing is both waterproof and dustproof) that withstands damp and dirty field conditions
  3. Affordable price—which is now even less, only $49.99 each!*

For basic but reliable meters that are economical, pocket testers meet your every day measurement challenges. By simply dipping and reading they are easy meters to use. EcoTestrs also have a display that can be read without tilting your head.

When you are out in the field, the testers can be placed on your belt or in your pocket for no-fuss transporting. Some models include stainless steel electrodes, which are both rugged and chemical resistant. Additional features may include self-diagnostic error messages, auto-shutoff, and hold function to lock in a measured value.

Find out more. View our selection of Oakton® EcoTestr Pocket Testers.

*Excludes salinity tester.

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