5 Specialty Baths for Heating Samples

Constant-Temperature Viscosity BathConstant-Temperature Viscosity Bath

Need a bath for heating samples and maintaining temperature stability? Specialty baths may deliver the precise solution for your application. From dry baths to steam baths, these units use innovative methods to deliver temperature control.

  • Steam Baths with Concentric Rings are designed to gently warm samples, evaporate liquids, and melt solids such as agar. These baths accommodate various vessel sizes; simply remove the appropriate rings for the vessel.
  • Coliform Baths are specifically for applications such as Standard Method Coliform Testing, general bacteriological testing, incubation, sample tempering, and routine laboratory use.
  • Fluidized Sand Baths are used for heat treating processes, temperature sensor calibrations, electrical component testing, and more. Aluminum oxide is fluidized by low-pressure air as a dry bath medium with excellent heat transfer properties.
  • Waterless Bead Baths use metallic beads instead of water. They deliver exceptional temperature uniformity without lengthy warm-up times. The beads create a dry bath, avoiding the contamination and maintenance of traditional water baths. They also improve energy efficiency over 50% of traditional water baths.
  • Viscosity baths offer highly accurate temperature control, and unique sampling flasks to meet ASTM specifications for Saybolt and Kinematic viscosity.

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