Summer Shippers for Short Refrigerated Shipments

Insulated Summer Packout ShipperInsulated Summer Packout Shipper

Shipments that need to stay refrigerated can be challenging in summer. Unless, that is, you use a temperature assurance shipper such as an Insulated Summer Packout Shipper for one- to two-day shipments. While in transit, these shippers keep products at temperatures of 36 to 46°F (2 to 8°C).

How do they work? Expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation and refrigerator/freezer packs maintain the temperature in the shipper. Summer packout versions include more freezer and fewer refrigerated packs. The multicomponent packing system includes everything necessary to ensure temperature protection for one to two day shipments.

Another option is to use Ice Packet Shipping Matting to cushion and keep low-temperature shipments cool. The Insul-Ice matting is crafted with an FDA compliant food-grade compound that is safe to use with food. It maintains low-temperature shipments 33% longer than ice and withstands pressures of 60 psi for more than five minutes. The matting resists shock and vibration—and prevents fragile glass items from breaking. Use the mat to wrap around bottles, jars, and tubes. The plastic film between packets remains flexible even when frozen.

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