Lab Supplies: Time to Check Your Inventory?

Lab SuppliesLab Supplies

It’s about six weeks past the mid-point of the year—how are your lab supplies doing? Is it time to take stock and figure out what you’ll need to replenish for the balance of the year?

Some items, such as film and foil or labels, are easy to overlook until you run out. Others, such as lab coats or labware may be showing signs of wear and simply need to be replaced. Here’s a list of lab supplies to check:

  • Laboratory brushes: Are yours looking a bit matted and overused? From test tube brushes to beaker brushes to cylinder brushes and more, these items help keep your labware clean.
  • Stoppers for glass tubing or thermometers. Make sure there is a protective layer between your hands and the glass tubing or thermometer to avoid contamination, cuts, and breakage.
  • Filtration, including filter papers, membranes, syringe filters, in-line filters, assemblies, and more to maintain purity in working with your samples. Is your supply running low?
  • Pipettes and pipettors for efficient dispensing and transferring of samples. It may be worthwhile to review your options to determine if the types of pipettes and pipettors you are using still make sense for your application or if another type (such as multichannel pipettors) may save you time.
  • Disposable gloves crafted of materials that offer the right kind of protection for what you’re handling. You can go through boxes of gloves and deplete your stock sooner than you expect.

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