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Sometimes a call to technical support can make all the difference. When a customer needed to pump an extremely aggressive and corrosive chemical at a high flow rate, he wasn’t sure what equipment he could use. The other pumps he tried did not work for an extended time. The chemicals would corrode the interior pump parts. Perplexed, the customer called Danielle on the tech support team.

She had the solution. “I suggested the Masterflex® L/S® peristaltic pump combined with new Masterflex® Solve-Flex tubing,” she said.  The tubing is designed to handle corrosive chemicals and because it contains the media, it cannot cause damage to parts. The peristaltic pump and specially selected tubing will prevent further damage and production delays.

Averting crises are just one way tech support helps customers. For Danielle, solving the unsolvable and improving an application makes for an awesome day. She is especially an advocate of how a well-chosen pump can improve a process.

“The Ismatec® Reglo Independent Channel Control Peristaltic Pumps are one of a kind,” she said. “They are the only peristaltic pump that allows you to independently control each channel. This means you don’t have to purchase multiple pumps for different applications. This one offers this flexibility within one pump.”

When she’s not using her science smarts to save the day, Danielle has an equally intense hobby: cheering on the Chicago Blackhawks.

Have a question about peristaltic pumps? Contact our technical support team.

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