pH and Water Quality Meters that Maximize Your Budget

pH MeterpH Meter

Hydroponic gardeners, greenhouse workers, and environmental researchers now have a low-cost option for checking plant nutrients. A new line of pH meters, conductivity meters, and turbidity meters takes a smaller bite of your budget.

While the water quality meters are designed for general usage, they also offer automatic temperature compensation and auto ranging features. Three to four calibration points keep readings accurate. The portable units include a protective rubber boot with a convenient fold-out stand for hands-free measurement.

Why use a pH meter to check plant nutrients? The availability of plant nutrients—which make them thrive—is powerfully affected by soil or water pH.

A low pH reading means the plants are not able to absorb many nutrients. A high reading means nutrients may precipitate out of the plant and into its holding environment. A pH of 6.5 to 7.5 is generally considered the optimal range.

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