Balance Your Budget with Symmetry Balances

Cole-Parmer® Symmetry® EC Portable Toploading Balance
Cole-Parmer® Symmetry® EC Portable Toploading Balance

Limited laboratory budget? With so many ways to spend it, it’s a challenge to know where to invest and where to save. A Symmetry® balance can help you stretch your budget for other equipment, yet provide the full functionality you need.

How can Symmetry offer a quality balance for up to 50% less? Symmetry balances are not loaded with unnecessary and costly features your lab will never use—only those features you can’t do without. Each balance meets the strictest quality standards for precise weighing and stability. Plus, these balances provide years of trouble-free operation (which also saves you long term costs).

Because they are not overloaded with unnecessary features, they also offer uncomplicated, straightforward operation.

Types of Symmetry Balances

  • Analytical
  • Compact/Industrial
  • Counting
  • Moisture
  • Portable
  • Toploading

Want to know more about a balance for your application? View our full selection to see which type would meet your needs.

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