Featured in American Laboratory: New Currents in Viscometry

While viscometers typically are used in quality assurance for products such as creams, oils, and paints, new uses are emerging. Writer Mike May explores these in the American Laboratory article New Currents in Viscometry. “The development of more complex fluids, however, is driving engineers to create novel methods and devices with new capabilities,” he writes.

Cole-Parmer Product Manager Ken Kreiman is quoted in the article describing recent advancements in the technology, including MEMS—microelectromechanical systems—and microfluidics. Using these technologies, viscosity can be calculated by measuring the pressure drop as a fluid flows through a microfluidic channel.

“The advantages of this technology are smaller sample sizes, down to 100 microliters, which can be important for more expensive samples; quick measurements; and small instrument size due to the microfluidic technology,” said Kreiman.

Read the article here. View our selection of viscometers.

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