Easy Tubing Changes with New High-Performance Pump Head – Video

Masterflex L/S High Performance Pump Head
Easy tubing changes with Masterflex High-Performance Pump Head

You have to see this video! You won’t believe how easy tubing changes are with the new Masterflex® L/S® High-Performance Pump Head from Cole-Parmer. You can change the tubing in 15 seconds or less. And, not only does this pump head give you faster tubing changes, it has improved ergonomics and the highest pressure performance and flow rates of any L/S pump head. The pump head’s pressure performance extends up to 150 psi (10.3 bar) with L/S high-pressure (HP) pump tubing. Flow rates can reach up to 3400 mL/min with L/S high-performance precision tubing.


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