Watch How It Works: Masterflex Open-Head Interlock Sensor VIDEO

Masterflex peristaltic pump with open-head interlock sensor provides pump operators with an extra layer of protection. This technology is particularly for technicians and operators tasked with tubing changes and routine maintenance. It is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry and other industries using peristaltic pumps. A retrofit solution is also available to upgrade existing Masterflex peristaltic pumps.

This technology is available on Masterflex Easy-Load® pump heads compatible with all L/S® and I/P® drives. The extra layer of protection is particularly beneficial to prevent unexpected remote operation—when the pump is connected to a programmable logic controller or supervisory control and data acquisition system—similar to lockout/tagout procedures. Open-head interlock sensors can also safeguard inexperienced or infrequent operators of peristaltic pumps from injury while loading or changing tubing.

The video below demonstrates how the pump head and drive work. Just click and watch.

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