Watch How It Works: Masterflex Open-Head Interlock Sensor Retrofit System VIDEO

Add an extra layer of protection for your pump operators. Equip your existing Masterflex pumps with the open-head interlock sensor retrofit system. This technology instantly shuts down the drive if the pump head is opened during operation. Use the retrofit system in conjunction with Masterflex L/S and Masterflex I/P open-head sensor equipped pump heads and drives without an integrated open-head sensor.

Watch how the retrofit system works.

The retrofit system is comprised of a control box and a new open-head interlock sensor equipped pump head. Connect the pump head to the interlock control box. This control box houses a control board for cutting off line voltage when the pump head is opened. If the operator opens the pump head during operation, the interlock control box instantly shuts down the drive. Power to the pump drive will not be restored until the operator closes the opened pump head. An indicator light on the box confirms the condition of the sensed head.

The interlock control box on the retrofit system accepts input signals from up to two stacked pump heads and will respond if the operator opens either pump head. The box is supplied with a sensor-shorting plug to allow single-channel operation. When you desire a dual-channel operation, remove this plug and connect the second pump head. This retrofit system is also NEMA 4X / IP66 rated for washdown making it ideal for pharmaceutical production, food processing, and other industries with critical cleaning protocols.

If you need more information on how to retrofit your existing Masterflex peristaltic pump with open-head interlock sensor, contact our applications specialists at 1-800-323-4340.

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