New Oakton Pocket Testers Stand Up to the Challenges of Measuring Water Quality

measuring water quality

When you need to measure water quality, look to the new and improved Oakton® pocket testers. They stand up to everyday use, harsh environments and time. These water testers even stand upright with a new cap design that is versatile, functional and leakproof. Whether you are in the lab or out in the field, these handy tools will slip right into your pocket for easy access and provide you with accurate water quality measurements every time.

They have many user-friendly and functional features. An easy-to-replace sensor module and a dependable double-junction pH electrode sensor allow these pocket testers to stand up to the test of time. The new cap design stabilizes the base to keep the tester standing upright, stores solution to keep the electrode hydrated, or works as a sample cup to calibrate or measure. Features such as dustproof, waterproof IP67 rating, and a Valox® plastic body give these pocket testers the ruggedness they need to work in harsh environments. A more intuitive interface makes reading measurements easy and reliable.

The Oakton water testers boasting these features are:

  • pHTestr® 50—Automatic temperature compensation, 3-point calibration, and 0.01 pH resolution ensure an accurate reading in varying environments. The pH water tester is EPA compliant and can be used for reporting purposes.
  • pHTestr® 50S Spear-Tip—Rugged and perfect for soft solids and semisolid materials such as meat, cheeses and fruit.
  • ORPTestr® 50—Double-junction platinum electrode is ideal for checking dirty water, heavy metals, sulfides and organics.
  • CTSTestr 50—Convenient 3-in-1 tester measures conductivity, TDS and salinity. It is ideal for
    on-the-go water analysis. Available with cup-style or pin-style sensor.
  • PCTSTestr 50 Multiparameter—Measure pH, conductivity, TDS, salinity and temperature. Its long-life pH electrode and stainless steel pin-style conductivity sensor make it compatible with a wide range of samples.

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