Don’t Flip Your Lid! Use A Cryo Freezer Box With Magnetic Lid Closure – Watch Video

Magne-Box Magnetic Polycarbonate Cryo-BoxesMagne-Box Cryo Freezer Box with Magnetic Lids

First cryo box of its kind to offer a magnetic lid closure!

How many times have you picked up a cryo box only to have the lid fall off and your samples drop all over the bench or floor? With the Argos Technologies® Magne-Box™ polycarbonate cryo-box, you never have to worry about a loose lid again. This handy box features magnets that securely connect the base to the hinged lid. This allows for one-handed retrieval from freezer racks and ensures that samples stay safe.

Watch this short video to learn more about this handy freezer box.

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Video transcript

The Magne-box polycarbonate cryo storage box was designed to protect a laboratory’s research samples, reagents, and cell lines. The Magne-box will give you the confidence you need to know that your samples are safe and secure. Until now, most of the leading brands of polycarbonate boxes consist of a base to hold the samples and a lid that rests passively on top. Not securing the box properly could result in tubes or samples being dropped to the bench, floor, freezer, or the bottom of a cryo tank.

Cryo storage box features

The Argos Magne-box uses a hinge that allows you to open up the box with one hand and keep the lid attached to the base. This eliminates any confusion of having to realign the lid after each use. Once the lid is closed, a pair of magnets located on the front of the box holds the lid in place and prevents it from accidentally opening; even when you are holding the box just by the top. These magnets have been carefully selected to provide enough strength to keep the lid secure to the base, but allow for easy opening when you need to access your samples. The polycarbonate Magne-box can withstand temperatures from minus 196  degrees to 121 degrees Celsius. All the boxes are autoclavable.

An alpha-numeric index has been imprinted on the base for easy sample identification. The Magne-box fits standard freezer racks for upright freezers and chest freezers. The boxes are available in four sizes: the 25-place mini box, the 81 and the 100-place boxes, which hold 2mL cryo vials, and the 81-tall box that holds 5mL cryo vials.

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