Cooking a Turkey this Thanksgiving? Stay Safe By Using a Digital Thermometer

Digi-Sense Traceable Alarm Thermometer/Timer with Calibration
Digital Thermometer for Turkey Cooking & Meat

What’s makes your Thanksgiving dinner? Fresh ingredients and family favorites, certainly, but also food cooked to the correct temperature. A digital thermometer is your secret to making your meal tasty and safe. Digital thermometers allow you to quickly verify food temperatures. They are compact, easy-to-use, and offer results almost immediately. When the turkey is cooked but still moist, sweet potatoes are baked but not overdone, and stuffing is fluffy, not dry, you generate a tableful of appreciative palates.

The Digi-Sense™ Traceable® Alarm Thermometer Timer is your optimal choice because you can set the alarm for time and temperature, not just one parameter. A remote heat-resistant probe makes these units great for cooking and ovens.

One customer told us: “The thermometer works great! It makes cooking and smoking very easy. I bought these for use with my charcoal smoker in my backyard. I love it. It sticks nicely to the outside of my smoker (won’t stick to stainless steel of course). I purchased two so I can keep track of my ribs and brisket at the same time. This way I don’t open it up and lose the heat just to check. I also used this on a ribeye roast in the oven. Perfect!”

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