Have You Seen These 2017 Popular Lab Products?

lab products

Get’em while they’re hot! Have you seen all the great laboratory products launched in 2017? Perhaps you were too busy to notice all of them. Check out these 5 products that have been flying off the shelves. You may want to grab them before the year is gone.

1. Cole-Parmer® Symmetry® Touch-Screen Balances

Cole-Parmer Symmetry Touch-Screen Moisture Balance provides reliable results in 3 to 10 minutes depending on the sample.

Cole-Parmer Symmetry Touch-Screen Moisture Balance

Cole-Parmer Symmetry touch-screen balances are designed with innovative features to give you more convenience and efficiency when weighing. This new family of balances provides accurate measurements of weighed loads for micro, toploading, analytical and moisture applications. An intuitive 5” capacitive touch-screen display provides clear visibility to weighing results and menu options. Infrared (IR) proximity sensors offer programmable touch-free control to minimize cross-contamination. Advanced models are also available and equipped with extra features. Automatic and manual internal adjustments ensure accurate weighing at all times. These balances also feature external calibration, Wi-Fi connection to peripheral devices, and an “autotest GLP function” that provides an enhanced summary to aid in assessing balance operation and diagnosing reasons for the occurrence of errors in weighing. And, you won’t believe the great prices on these balances!

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2. Digi-Sense™ Data Loggers with TraceableLIVE® Wireless Monitoring


temperature data logger

Digi-Sense Data Loggers with TraceableLIVE securely connects to data via Wi-Fi on a smartphone, tablet or PC. The cloud-based interface requires no additional software, and connecting is simple and easy with a low-cost TraceableLIVE subscription. Once setup is complete, workers can view conditions in realtime; set alarm parameters; view data logging history; generate data reports in real time; get email, text and push notifications; and receive alerts for temperature alarm, connectivity interruption and low battery. Digi-Sense data loggers equipped with TraceableLIVE provide a simple, efficient and reliable way to ensure critical samples are not compromised due to parameter variations. The data loggers are also equipped with NIST-Traceable calibration, which means reliable measurements right out of the box saving both time and money.

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3. Cole-Parmer® Digital Batch Mixer


Cole-Parmer Digital Batch Mixer

With one of the highest torque settings on the market, the Cole-Parmer Digital Batch Mixer has enough power to mix up to 52 gallons (200 L) at a maximum viscosity of 180,000 cps, yet provides a smooth and quiet operation. It is ideal for laboratory and industrial uses in basic pre-mix, complex pilot scale, or full production batches. This portable mixer provides user-friendly operation with easy impeller adjustment, PLC/PC programmability, data logging, and intuitive graphic touch-screen control. Selection of time and speed can be completed with a gloved hand or pencil tip. RS-232 and USB interfaces to record date, time, speed, and torque data.

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4. Spectrum Chemicals

Spectrum Chemicals

Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp. manufactures and distributes the largest offering of USP chemicals in the world, including laboratory, scale up and bulk quantities. The company provides fine chemicals, equipment, and supplies to a wide range of industries. Spectrum is known for extensive laboratory testing with the highest standards and most modern instrumentation in the industry in both its New Jersey and California laboratories. The company’s extensive scientific documentation provides the change control needed for the quality-driven industries Spectrum serves. Spectrum is committed to providing customers the highest quality products with the best service at a competitive price.

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5. Masterflex L/S® Digital MiniFlex® Dispensing Pump System

lab products

We combined Masterflex L/S Digital Miniflex dispensing pump with everything needed to deliver accurate, repeat volumes for dispensing and filling applications. These complete pump systems will increase efficiency and throughput when compared to hand pouring, manually pipetting, or using bottletop dispensers. The systems are ideal for microbiology, and tissue and cell culture labs that fill large quantities of plates, tubes, vials, or bottles.

Two options are available—with either a hands-free foot switch or a handheld remote controller. The hands-free foot switch provides increased workflow efficiency and a stainless steel dispense nozzle minimizes splashing and dripping. The handheld remote controller is designed for accurate dispensing into any size container by simply routing the tubing through the controller. The controller also allows remote control of basic pump functions.


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