Updating Your Lab for 2018? Check Out These 2017 Lab Products


Updating your lab for the new year? Check out these lab products that were introduced in 2017 and are popping up in labs around the globe:

Jenway Genova Bio Spectrophotometer


The Jenway Genova Bio UV/visible spectrophotometer provides fast and easy use in life science applications. This compact and lightweight spectrophotometer is ideal for molecular biology laboratories, biotechnology, biochemistry and cell biology applications. Laboratory managers worldwide now have the ability to equip their labs with a state-of-the-art, reliable spectrophotometer at an affordable price. This spectrophotometer leverages scanning diode array technology, which uses electrical scanning to measure the wavelength range (198 nm to 800 nm) simultaneously in under three seconds. Ideal where multiple wavelengths are required for purity ratios.

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StableTemp Refrigerators

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Need a frig? StableTemp refrigerators are ideal for the daily requirements of laboratory applications. Fully insulated chamber ensures minimal temperature fluctuation, adjustable sliding wire shelves pull out fully for easy access to all samples, and a built-in thermal line recorder makes it easy for lab personnel to track the temperature. The refrigerators’ performance is driven by a high-efficiency evaporation system made with low corrosive materials and a fully insulated stainless steel chamber. An intuitive and easy-to-use control panel has VFD and touch-sensitive buttons for controlling all the essential functions.

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PCRMax Alpha Cycler 2

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These thermal cyclers deliver reproducible results every run—with little to no training needed. This high-performance, compact and cost-effective unit is ideal for small- to medium-sized groups with multiple users. The PCRMax Alpha Cycler 2 platform saves laboratory space as it condenses two truly independent blocks into one compact system, allowing for two different protocols to run at the same time. A Program Wizard generates a protocol specific to your sequence in seconds—a quick way to optimize new assays. The dual independent blocks provide maximum flexibility. Blocks are available for 96- and 384-well plates, both with gradient option.

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PCRMax Reagent Kits

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You can find more than 800 PCRMax reagent kits available. The kits offer convenience, accurate and quick results, and exceptional value at 150 tests per kit. All contents of the kit are lyophilized for simple transport and storage, no refrigeration required. Each kit uses the speed and sensitivity of qPCR to obtain the most accurate data quickly. Each kit is also designed to ensure the broadest detection profile and detection of all clinically relevant strains and subtypes. Positive copy number standard curve provides accurate quantification.

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Digi-Sense™ Touch Screen Recorder

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The Digi-Sense touch screen recorder is a tablet-based instrument equipped with 8GB of onboard memory for virtually unlimited datalogging capacity. An intuitive touch-screen display makes the recorder easy to use and view. It is ideal for monitoring and logging environmental conditions in food, pharmaceutical, laboratory, greenhouse, museum or other sensitive areas. The touch-screen recorder offers many user-friendly features. It measures, displays, and logs temperature, relative humidity, and dew point conditions. Operation is simple right out of the box.

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