Get the FAQs on Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps

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Masterflex-L/S Standard Digital Pump-System

Do you have questions about Masterflex peristaltic pump systems? Our technical experts have the answers! In fact, here are 5 questions they often get asked when talking to customers about Masterflex pump systems.

Masterflex peristaltic pumps FAQs

Q: Why does Masterflex offer so many different pump head types and so many tubing sizes?
 Versatility—which is one of the greatest advantages of owning a Masterflex tubing pump system. Because we have such a wide variety of pump heads, tubing, and pump drives to choose from in stock, you can effectively customize and update a system to fit your ever-changing application needs.

Q: What flow rates are attainable?
 Depending on what series you select, Masterflex pump systems deliver flow rates from 0.0005 mL/min to 42 LPM.

Q: What is the maximum pressure?
 The maximum pressure using L/S® high-pressure tubing is 10.2 bar (150 psi); nominal pressure is 1.7 bar (25 psi).

Q: Can Masterflex pumps run dry?
 Yes. They can pump gases, liquids, or mixed phases.

Q: Are Masterflex pumps positive-displacement type pumps?
 Yes. The flow rate with water is directly proportional to the rotor speed up to the maximum capacities of the drive..


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