Metal Digestion Analysis: How To Automate the Most Dangerous Step

metal digestion analysis

You can safely and accurately automate the most dangerous step of sample prep for metal digestion analysis—the addition of acids and reagents with the AutoBlock® Fill filling station. The station fits any size HotBlock® metals digestion system to provide automation at an affordable price. The system is ideal for any laboratory performing their own unique metals digestion method.

The AutoBlock Fill dispenses from up to five reagent bottles at a time. A five-way valve eliminates the need to swap out reagent bottles when switching digestion methods, providing easy switching between reagents. Included software directs the AutoBlock Fill to dispense reagent as programmed by user. Reagent is dispensed via an integrated Masterflex® peristaltic pump accurate to ±2% volume and can be calibrated to any dispensing volume. The AutoBlock Fill can be controlled via the onboard touch screen or by directly connecting a computer with the included software.

Metal digestion analysis is extremely corrosive and the AutoBlock Fill unit fits inside of standard-sized fume hoods or the Environmental Express AirLite Benchtop Enclosure to provide the safest and cleanest environment to handle acidic fumes. The AutoBlock Fill is constructed from the same acid-resistant materials as the HotBlock systems.

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