How to Select Masterflex Tubing

Masterflex tubing

With so much pump tubing in the market, where do you begin? If you have or are considering a Masterflex pump, then Masterflex tubing is what we recommend to get optimum performance from your peristaltic pump system. Using another brand of tubing can accelerate detrimental wear and tear on pump heads and drives by generating excessive debris, creating greater back pressures, and increasing the risk of tubing failure.

Before you choose your tubing, consider all aspects of your applications: chemical compatibility, operating temperature, pressure, necessary regulatory approvals, gas permeability of the tubing, and cleaning/sterilization requirements.

Determine the right tubing formulation for your application using the tubing compatibility database. This database is for use with all Masterflex tubing sizes. All ratings in the database indicate tubing condition after exposure to the chemical at 21°C (70°C).


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