Need Help Selecting Baths and Circulators for Your Lab?

baths and circulators
Cole-Parmer StableTemp Digital Utility Water Bath

Baths and circulators are ideal for maintaining a specified temperature over a long period of time. From a simple water bath to a specialty sand bath, there’s a large variety out in the market to meet your needs. Here’s a quick rundown of the types to help you determine which ones are ideal for your lab.

Baths and Circulators

Utility baths are ideal for maintaining a few temperature set points over a long period of time. Perfect for routine lab applications such as storing and testing samples. Different sizes and depths of the bath chamber are available to meet your application. Utility water baths are available in analog or digital temperature control with ranges from ambient to 100°C. Options with high-temperature and low-level cutoff features protect samples.

Immersion circulators are equipped with a heater, temperature controller, and a circulating pump. These handy units easily convert open baths, tanks, or containers into your own constant temperature bath.

Heating and cooling circulating baths are ideal for industrial or laboratory applications where a wide variety of temperature controls are needed. The reservoir in the circulating bath tempers samples along with integral pump that circulates fluid both internally and externally.

Recirculators and chillers offer thermostatic control across their temperature range capability. They circulate fluid to demanding closed-loop applications with a temperature range of −10 to 80°C that typically require higher flow and pressure requirements with heat loads up to 5000 watts. Recirculating water baths and chillers can provide constant protection for your valuable processing equipment, such as spot welders and injection molding equipment, for many years. Also, the speed and accuracy of production can increase as you maintain a constant and proper cooling temperature in the equipment.

Viscosity baths are ideal for maintaining constant temperature required for Kinematic Viscosity measurements. Baths meet ASTM D445 specifications for measuring petroleum, lubricants, polymer coatings, food, paint, and other liquids.

Specialty baths

Shaking water baths, such as the Stuart® shaking water bathcombine the features of standard baths with the ability to agitate sample containers.

Coliform testing baths are specifically designed to make coliform testing easier. Standard temperatures are preset in baths.

Waterless bead baths, such as the Lab Armor waterless bead bath, use metallic beads instead of water. The beads create a dry bath, avoiding the contamination and maintenance of traditional water baths. Eco-friendly, they use 50% less electricity and germicides are not required.

Fluidized sand baths/high-temperature baths, such as the Techne® fluidized sand bathare ideal for heat treating processes, temperature sensor calibrations, and electrical component testing. These baths are capable of accurate temperature control to 600°C.

The PolyScience® forced-age testing bath, also known as the beer bath, is specifically designed for beer shelf life testing, food stability testing, product quality analysis, and asphalt sample tampering. The bath has a large open surface area and hinged polycarbonate cover to optimize temperature stability. Read more about how this bath decreases water consumption at a bottling plant.

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