Get More Comfort and Control with a Pipette Controller

Argos Technologies Omega Zen Pipette Controller
Argos Technologies Omega Zen Pipette Controller

A pipette, pipet, or pipettor is a laboratory tool commonly used to transport a measured volume of liquid. Pipettes come in several designs for various purposes with differing levels of accuracy and precision. Many pipette types work by creating a partial vacuum above the liquid-holding chamber and selectively releasing this vacuum to draw up and dispense liquid.

Manual vs. Electronic Pipettors

To improve the ergonomics of pipettes by reducing the necessary force, electronic pipettes were developed. The manual movement of the piston is replaced by a small electric motor powered by a battery. Whereas manual pipettes need a movement of the thumb (up to 3 cm), electronic pipettes have a button. Manual or electronic: Which do you prefer? Either way, your thumb may still be working overtime and the ergonomics not as good as you can get.

Using a Pipette Controller

As technology advanced, pipette controllers started showing up in labs. Ergonomics has become an important factor in the design of pipette controllers. Many controllers have triggers instead of a main button, allowing the fingers to do the work while taking some of the pressure off of the thumb. If you haven’t used a pipette controller before, it’s a good time to consider making the switch. With the latest technological advances, you can have both comfort and better-pipetting control. Let’s look at the Argos Technologies® Omega Zenpipette controller. It’s a great example of the latest technology in pipette controllers.

The New Omega Zen Pipette Controller

Argos Technologies® Omega Zen pipette controller is a lightweight, ergonomic unit with a digital LCD and smooth trigger action that delivers exceptional control, consistent pipetting results and comfort. The LCD shows the battery charge status and speedometer. The speedometer moves as the thumbwheel is turned allowing the user to see the thumbwheel movement and finely tune the speed control.

The controller’s balanced design and contoured trigger buttons provide comfort, while the smooth trigger action improves aspirate or dispense mode. The lightly-textured body ensures a slip-resistant grip.

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