Increase Peristaltic Pump Safety By Using the Right Tubing

peristaltic pump

Correct tubing is critical for safe peristaltic pump use.

Are you working with peristaltic pump systems? If you are operating a peristaltic pump, make sure the tubing matches the application and the pump. Too often end-users unknowingly select a tubing formulation unsuitable for their application. Some even substitute general-purpose transfer tubing for tubing specifically designed for peristaltic pumps. Testing and then using the correct tubing in a peristaltic pump system can prevent hazardous situations such as harmful chemical leakage or tubing rupture.

With so many tubing types available, one type of tubing does not fit all applications. To select tubing that can help with safer pumping, the following factors should be considered: chemical compatibility, pressure, temperature, tubing size, and life expectancy.

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