How to Choose a Flow Meter for Your Application

Flow Meter
Masterflex Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

What’s the best flowmeter for your application?

From magnetic to variable-area to Coriolis, the options in volumetric-based flowmeters can make your head spin. Yet there are distinct differences in functionality, accuracy, and certainly price. When selecting a flow meter, consider the following:

  • Flow measurement type – momentum (velocity), volumetric or mass flow measurement
  • Media – type of media (liquid, gas or slurry) and any special condition such as particulates in the media and viscosity of the media
  • Media conditions – pressure and temperature of media and whether media conditions are likely to remain constant or vary
  • Flow range – required flow range of media (min and max readings required)
  • Accuracy – required accuracy of the readings
  • Environmental considerations – special installation considerations such as hygienic installation, installing into an ATEX zone or requiring tamper proof readings

Have a special or unique flow control application?

Use our helpful flow meter selection table by application.

Browse our complete line of flow meters.


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