Heating Up the Global Cold Chain Expo with Our Hottest Products

Global Cold Chain Expo

We’re exhibiting at the GCCE next week!

We can’t wait to see you at the Global Cold Chain Expo from June 26 to 27, 2018 at McCormick Place, Chicago IL. Stop by booth #3251 to check out our innovative products and talk to our technical experts about your specific needs. Here is a preview of some of the hottest products we will be featuring at the show:

Digi-Sense™ Data Loggers with TraceableLive® Wireless Technology

humidity data logger

These innovative data loggers provide a simple, efficient, and reliable way to ensure your critical samples are not compromised due to parameter variations. Remotely monitor your critical environments, such as refrigerators, freezers and cryogenic storage, 24/7 from anywhere Internet is available. You can securely connect to your data via smartphone, tablet, or PC. This latest technology is ideal for monitoring a process in real time, any time. Plus, you get the value, accuracy, and peace of mind of NIST-traceable calibration at a noncalibrated price. Connecting is simple with a low-cost TraceableLIVE subscription. Once setup is complete, you can view conditions in real time; set alarm parameters; view data logging history; generate data reports in real time; get email, text and push notifications; and receive alerts for temperature alarm, connectivity interruption and low battery. Browse our complete line of Digi-Sense Data-Loggers with TraceableLive Wireless Technology.

Digi-Sense Traceable® Data Loggers with TraceableGO Bluetooth® Ctrack conditionsapability

Easily track conditions of reagents, clinical samples, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and food items during transport with these handy data loggers. Simply connect to data via any Bluetooth-enabled device using the downloadable Bluetooth app. Configure data loggers from your device using the TraceableGO app to set parameters and alarms. Once the shipment is delivered, enable Bluetooth to export data to your device and immediately see if shipment contents were exposed to conditions outside the set parameters. The logger’s compact design can fit into almost anything—even a small cooler. Plus, get accurate, reliable measurements with included NIST-traceable calibration. You can also subscribe to cloud-based TraceableLive® service to upload your data to the cloud—ideal for tracking data from multiple loggers or to comply with regulatory agency requirements. This low-cost subscription provides unlimited trip data to be saved on the cloud and the ability to send a report to an email.

Argos Technologies® Cryogenic Products

Magne-Box Magnetic Polycarbonate Cryo-Boxes

Argos Technologies products for cryogenics, including PolarSafe® cryogenic products, are specifically designed to withstand the very coldest temperatures. We offer the complete line of Argos Technologies products ideal for your cryogenic applications including storage racks and boxes, ice buckets and pans, cryogenic vials and caps, label dispensers and labels. The unique Magne-Box™ magnetic polycarbonate cryo-boxes are the first-of-its-kind to offer a magnetic lid closure. Each box features magnets that securely connect the base to the hinged lid. This allows for one-handed retrieval from freezer racks and ensures that samples stay safe. Polycarbonate boxes have clear lids with colored inserts and numbered grids to facilitate easy sample identification. The freezer boxes are available with 25-, 81-, and 100-place divisions. Check out special pricing on select Argos Technologies products.

Cole-Parmer® Transportable Dewar Flasks

Cole-Parmer transportable Dewar flasks are designed for the coldest temperatures with high-performance construction and advanced insulation materials to ensure high thermal efficiency. Features include rugged metal exteriors, break-resistant inner vessels, insulated lids, and easy-grip handles. Ideal for use with liquid nitrogen, dry ice, or cryogens. Some models are ideal for use with cold traps for vacuum/pressure pumps. Choose from a variety of sizes, volumes and materials to meet your many storage and shipping requirements. Shop our complete line of cryogenic storage Dewars.

Cole-Parmer® StableTemp –86°C ULT Freezers

These ULT freezers are designed to meet your cold storage needs down to –86°C. Built with temperature stability and energy savings in mind, each is designed for optimal efficiency with minimal temperature loss. The cabinet consists of high-performance insulation panels that minimize heat gain improving temperature stability. Separate inner storage chambers have their own insulated doors which provide independent access to storage space, minimizing frost buildup inside the chambers and maximum protection of stored samples. Outer door seal’s unique design reduces temperature loss while the door is open. The microprocessor controller is simple to use with push-button control and has an easy-to-read operational status display. The controller allows you to set a user password for operation, delay start time, and high/ low temperature alarms. See our complete line of freezers.

Learn more about Dewars for cryogenics.

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