How to Use Volumetric Flasks

Cole Parmer Elements Volumetric Flasks
Cole-Parmer® elements™ glass volumetric flask.

Use volumetric flasks for precise measurement

A volumetric flask is lab glass or plasticware used to prepare a solution. It is used to make up a solution to a known volume. Volumetric flasks are used to measure volumes much more precisely than beakers or Erlenmeyer flasks.

How to use a volumetric flask

  1. Add your solute to your solution.
  2. Add enough solvent to dissolve the solute.
  3. Keep adding your solvent until it gets close to the line marked on the volumetric flask.
  4. Use a pipette to fill the flask.
  5. Use the meniscus* of the solution and the graduation line on the flask to determine your endpoint.
  6. Place the volumetric flask stopper into the volumetric flask to seal it.
  7. Invert the flask to thoroughly mix the solution.

*The meniscus is a concave or convex liquid curve seen in the container. It’s shape depending on the surface tension of the liquid and adhesion to the wall of the container.

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