How fluid handling technology keeps drug innovation in motion

cloud-enabled pumps

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With many pharma plants operating around the clock, the need to keep tabs on every part of operations is a never-ending endeavor. Remote monitoring has made this task much less labor intensive.

“The industry has been looking for new solutions, and we will continue to see and develop advanced technology that will allow technicians to remotely monitor and control pumps securely 24/7 from their smartphone, tablet or computer,” Gregg Johnson, global senior product manager, Masterflex®, and Masterflex Ismatec®,, at Cole-Parmer says. “We will see less personnel working around the clock onsite physically checking and monitoring pumps. More offsite and off-hour technicians will be able to verify pump operational status and respond to status and error alerts.”

Read the entire article, How new fluid control technology is keeping drug innovation in motion, in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.


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