Cole-Parmer helps optimize the wastewater treatment process

wastewater treatment

The importance of wastewater treatment

By Mary Vessele, Product Marketing Manager, Test & Measurement, Cole-Parmer

I really don’t like to think about wastewater, its messy and conjures up undesirable images in my mind. When I force myself to contemplate where waste goes and how it affects the environment, I suddenly become aware of the importance the wastewater treatment process is and how vital each stage is to the environment and to mankind for that matter. Our drinking water, household needs, fishing industry, transportation industry, and commerce are dependent on our wastewater treatment process running optimally and efficiently. In many parts of the world, discharging inadequately treated or all together untreated wastewater is a concern and causes health problems and disease.  In earlier times folks used our waterways to dump sewage in hopes that natural bacterial breakdown and purification by dilution would take care of it.  I cringe at the thought of this and can’t believe how dangerous it was to drink water back in the day. The process of water purification evolved over time and as recent as the 1980s the federal government stepped in and created water quality standards that drove to develop new treatment technologies.

Now that our water purification system is monitored closely in the US and is rapidly improving in other countries as well, our waterways are becoming cleaner and safer. We are even providing improved environments for our aquatic life which is vital to our ecosystem.

Purification process

This improvement in water treatment is not a simple process and requires many steps and equipment to ensure the process is optimized and runs efficiently with zero downtime.  Are you interested in learning about the steps involved in the wastewater purification process?  Maybe you are familiar with the process already but are interested in the new technology and equipment that could keep your operations running smoothly. We are committed to the viability and optimization of your wastewater process. We support customers like you every day and understand what it takes to maintain a viable wastewater process—as well as your ongoing concern to avoid costly downtime. We are committed to the optimal operation at the various stages in the process with our testing instruments, meters, and innovative pumps. With over 60 years of technical expertise, we can help you select the right products to keep your R&D, daily operations, and overall process flowing.

A website page for more information

Check out our specialized Wastewater page outlining each stage of the wastewater process, read tech articles and peruse product suggestions specific for each stage. We developed this page to enhance your knowledge of the wastewater process and provide a single source for all your equipment needs. Allow us to be your technical wastewater purification expert!

Learn more about the wastewater treatment process.

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