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Multichannel pumping has many benefits

It is sometimes important in research laboratories and production plants to move several fluid channels simultaneously. This can save considerable time and resources, while greatly improving process efficiency. Controlling multiple channels together can provide a number of benefits. Varying the speed of the motor will at once vary the flow in all channels. The use of one motor can significantly reduce the cost per channel. It can also reduce the total energy requirements, the number of moving parts, and the size of the pumping system. The combined result will be an economical fluid handling system to acquire, operate, and maintain.

Using peristaltic pumps

Multichannel pumping is generally carried out using peristaltic pumps. These are available with a wide range of interchangeable multichannel pump heads, drives, and tubing. Special pump designs can deliver over 40 channels simultaneously. Multichannel peristaltic pumps are used successfully in many industries including pharmaceutical, chemical processing, agriculture, and water treatment. Applications, besides general fluid transfer duties, include metering and dispensing.


The most important advantage of the peristaltic pump lies with the use of tubing as the pump chamber. The fluid being pumped remains inside the tubing at all times, so it cannot escape and cause contamination. And it will not become contaminated by the pumping operation, assuming of course that the tubing material has been properly specified. The pump provides gentle fluid transfer, and it is capable of handling a wide variety of fluids including gases, viscous liquids, and mixed-phase fluids such as gas/liquid and solid/liquid combinations.

The peristaltic pump is an ideal solution for multichannel applications. A variety of interchangeable tubing sizes, tubing materials, pump heads, and drives optimize the pump at an economical price. Multichannel pumps can be adapted to many applications with tremendous savings in time, resources and process.

Learn more about multichannel pumping with peristaltic pumps

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