How to optimize stirring needs and lab work space

Cole-Parmer® elements™ ultra-thin magnetic stirrer

By Michael Steinert, Project Marketing Manager, Biosciences, Cole-Parmer

Not all stirrers are the same

For many, a standard stirrer does the trick. However, certain benchtop constraints and price point can often create a barrier of entry and require a unique solution. Cole-Parmer has alleviated these issues with two different offerings from the Cole-Parmer® elements™ line. Both offer a solution to cost and a crowded working area.

Modular magnetic stirrer adaptable to any application

Have you ever had the problem of needing stirrers controlled by the same device and simply do not have the room for a costly multi-position stir plate? The Cole-Parmer elements modular magnetic stirrer solves this problem. Up to ten stirrers can be connected to one controller in almost an infinite amount of combinations. Whether by connecting a module directly to another module, or tethering the modules with a USB connector, any lab layout can be accommodated. These stir plates come with a bevy of features including the ability to attach up to 10 stir plates based on need, simple touch and slide operation, LCD display with real-time parameters, corrosion-resistant glass stir top, and waterproof USB attachments. Why pay for an expensive 10 position stirrer, when in reality your lab only needs 7 positions? Well, now you no longer have to. Multiple stirring options allow a choice between one direction or reversing every 45 seconds for thorough mixing. The built in timer can be set for up to 9 hours or continuous operation. The modular magnetic stirrers are adaptable to any application required to mix up to 1 L at 1850 RPM.

An ultra-thin stirrer ideal for simple tasks

Sometimes a need arises for a simple stirring task, such as getting the pH of your solution to the correct level or dissolving a buffer solution. All you need is something small, cost effective, and reliable. The Cole-Parmer elements ultra-thin magnetic stirrer handles all those conundrums. This stirrer is sleek with a top plate diameter of 10 cm, a length of 18 cm, and a height of 1.2 cm. This makes the device easy to store, and easy to operate in the tightest spot on your lab bench. However, just because it is small, it does not mean that it cannot handle a robust workload with a capacity of 1 L and a max RPM of 1850. Combined with its small footprint it also boasts a simple touch and slide operation, LCD display with real-time parameters, and a high IP protection class (IP65). Now a reliable stirrer does not need to break the bank to provide consistent mixing results.

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