How to select a PH pocket tester

by Mary Vessele

A fast and simple solution for testing water quality

What’s in your pocket? It is water quality season so it may be useful to have a pH tester conveniently located in your back pocket. pH pocket testers are small portable devices that deliver powerful information to the user with astonishing accuracy, convenience and affordability. These handy devices are designed to be used in many different conditions and will test the alkalinity (pH) and acidity of just about any type of sample. They are especially popular for testing water quality samples because as their name suggests, they fit neatly in a pocket for easy retrieval and use. They are ideal for anyone wanting a fast, simple solution for testing water quality.

With the many different applications producing a vast array of sample types, it is important to know what kind of pocket tester is going to produce the best results for your sample testing needs. Just like there are so many different types of samples that need to be tested, there are a wide variety of testers on the market that offer different types of technologies to fulfill the consumer’s needs. There are three types of pH pocket testers ideal for testing water quality: the single junction electrode disposable tester, single junction replaceable electrode and double junction replaceable electrode. Choosing a tester will depend largely on the sample being tested, the cadence of the testing and the accuracy required.

Useful tools to help you select a pocket tester

Just like choosing a movie from Netflix, picking a pocket tester can be overwhelming with options and choices. No worries, I am here to help! I would like to direct you to some useful tools that Cole-Parmer has designed to aid you in choosing the optimal pocket tester for your unique sample needs.

I invite you to read an article I wrote and was published in Water Quality Products magazine (WQP) magazine. The article discusses the technology behind the different types of pocket testers and how they relate to different types of samples and testing needs. There is a very handy chart I designed to guide you in choosing the best type of pocket tester for your application. You can read the article at

Cole-Parmer is the scientific expert, so we designed a convenient easy to use interactive selection guide to help you navigate the many options and technologies available in the world of pH testers. We are able to help you choose the best pH tester for your application in a fun, intuitive way on our interactive website. Please visit our selection guide.

We hope you are enjoying spring. It has been a wet one in the Midwest. No shortage of water here.

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Mary Vessele is the product marketing manager for Test & Measurement at Cole-Parmer. She can be reached at


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  1. great blog – also useful for general public (non scientific) use

    • Thanks Rob. We appreciate your comment. You are correct. We have many customers who buy our pH meters to check their pool water, aquariums, etc.

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