An Industry Changing the Canadian Landscape

cannabis industry

By Michael Steinert, Marketing Manager, Biosciences, Cole-Parmer

Interest grows as Canada finds its footing in a trending industry

With Canada announcing that recreational cannabis would be legalized October 17, 2018, the business, the political and social landscape was changed forever. Marijuana for medical purposes had been legal for years but with the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, Canada would become one of two countries where it was legal nationally. Since this is not something that is part of my lifestyle, I only looked on with mild interest as the country prepared.

As 2019 progresses to its one-year anniversary, the Canadian landscape continues to find its footing as money continues to flood into the industry, new businesses emerge, supply and demand struggle to find its equilibrium, and everyone tries to understand the regulatory landscape. I will admit I’m now finding Cannabis much more interesting.

A curious mash-up of many disciplines

Some of this interest may be a result of the company I work for, but I also find the cannabis industry a curious mash-up of agriculture, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, drug discovery, with a number of levels of government regulation to keep us safe; throw in some social and political science and you have something very interesting. It’s my science background that has me particularly interested in the organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and the drug discovery (when it comes to medical marijuana). Maybe it’s simply the exercise of trying to remember lessons I learned so many years ago… oh right, the boiling point of a solution is lower under vacuum.

I’ve found myself in research mode as I strive to better understand the industry, remind myself about the chemistries I used to know and learn what the community is looking for as they navigate through the new landscape of legal marijuana. Attending one seminar, it was apparent there are still many questions regarding the optimization of processes, where to find expertise and ensuring compliance. One expert’s position was that success came as a result of communication and transparency—and you know scientists, it’s in their DNA to share knowledge and solve problems.

The legalization of recreational cannabis has not impacted my lifestyle in any way, but I will admit I do find the whole thing extremely interesting—it must be the science. Don’t even get me started with analytical chemistry and genetic testing.

Workflow product solutions

cannabis workflow

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