How to Put on Sterile Gloves in 10 Easy Steps

Sterile gloves

Are you putting your sterile gloves on correctly?

Are you looking at a pair of sterile gloves wondering how you are going to get them on without contaminating them? Have you donned sterile gloves only to get to the last step and realize you have to start over again? It can be a tricky process but you can learn how to quickly don sterile gloves. It just takes practice. We’ve provided you with 10 steps to help you get the process completed without contaminating the gloves.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Choose the right glove size for your hands
    Your gloves should feel comfortable, and you need to be able to move your hands. Consider taking off jewelry. It may make your gloves feel more comfortable.
  2. Prepare a clean work area
    Wipe surfaces that are not washable and before you place the glove package on the surface.
  3. Wash your hands
    Wash your hands and wrists. Use liquid soap from the dispenser that is required for your specific job application. Do not touch anything or any supplies once you wash your hands.
  4. Open the package
    Open the outer glove package. Place the gloves on a sterile table. The gloves will have an inner wrapping around them. Carefully open the inner wrapper so not to contaminate the gloves. You will see both gloves with cuffs.
  5. Put on the first glove
    Start with your dominant hand. Hold the glove on folded edge which is the cuff. Slip your hand into the glove. Wear the glove keeping your hand flat and your thumb tucked in. Touch only the part of the glove that will be next to your skin. Leave the cuff on the glove folded.
  6. Prepare to put on the second glove
    Slip the fingers of your gloved hand into the other glove only touching the folded cuff. Lift up the second glove.
  7. Put on the second glove
    Pull the glove over your fingers keeping your hand flat. Keep the gloved thumb up and back to keep from touching your bare palm or wrist. Pull the glove over your hand.
  8. Adjusting the gloves
    Adjust each glove to get a snug fit. Reach under the cuffed part to pull up or adjust the gloves.
  9. Avoid touching anything once the gloves are on your hands
    Keep your hands in front of you and above your waist. Don’t touch anything outside of the sterile field.
  10. Start over again if you break the sterile procedure


Remove the gloves, throw them away and get a new package of gloves. Time to start over!

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