How to select an OEM pump development partner

A finished prototype

Custom-engineered OEM pump solutions

Creating novel advancements while reducing development time—and saving money in the process—is of key importance to most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). That’s where working with a supplier that is a true development partner can have such a dramatic impact. By choosing a supplier that offers high-quality products, an easy route to customization, short turnaround times, and cost-effective strategies, OEMs can meet the demands and constraints they face and position themselves to assume a greater role in the markets in which they participate.

Dedicated development partner

One of the first hurdles of selecting a true development partner is simply finding one willing to work with you to start the product development process. Because suppliers to OEMs face their own constraints, many place contingencies on a potential business relationship. These contingencies can include high up-front costs, commitments to large initial purchases, and retaining fees and nonrecurring engineering expenses, making the cost to do business too high.

Working with the right OEM—one that can provide components and treat the business relationship as a partnership—is invaluable, impacting both the design cycle and revenue generation cycle positively.

Custom Panel-mount Pumps Integated System

The Cole-Parmer OEM difference

  1. Engineers immediately begin evaluating each project to determine if we can offer a solution to meet your needs.
  2. Our engineers evaluate the manufacturability of the initial proposed solution and offer alternatives for you to consider. This might provide you with equal or better performance and save you money at the same time.
  3. Throughout the process, we maintain open lines of communication with you and our component suppliers to make sure we are prepared to deliver what you need when you need it—all without the burden of large up-front costs or sizable initial quantities required.
  4. When prototype technology is needed, we make every effort to quickly and cost-effectively produce functional prototypes, so you can begin your evaluation and validation processes as early as possible. This allows for fine-tune adjustments to a product’s design during the beginning stages of development when those changes are easiest (and least expensive) to incorporate.

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