How remote pump operation can assist pharma during the COVID-19 pandemic

remote pump monitoring in lab
Remote pump monitoring and control

Pharmaceutical industry production during a critical need

During a period of crisis, clear communication and expediency are key to an effective response. Before COVID-19, the pharmaceutical industry was already experiencing historic growth in demand which was being met with great effort to expand and automate production. Now, those production schedules must either be further accelerated or become adaptable to the on-the-spot demand spikes created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can you meet the challenges of ramping up production while adhering to the isolation guidelines dictated by the federal and state governments? How can you adapt your systems to meet the increased versatility demanded by a market in crisis?

We developed Masterflex products and solutions to allow you to produce equipment, supplies, treatments (vaccines), while being able to remotely monitor and control their research and production processes.

Cloud monitoring and control

Remote monitoring and control of Masterflex® drive systems can easily be accomplished with the MasterflexLive® cloud-based application. Controlled via network browser app or mobile device (iOS or Android), MasterflexLive enables monitoring and control of all pump functionality. The application is also 21 CFR Part 11 (and EU Annex 11) compliant, allowing for the audit-ready downloading and analysis of individual pump operational history.

MasterflexLive is available on the new Masterflex Ismatec® Reglo drives, L/S® digital drives, and I/P® digital drives.

Flow monitoring control

Efficiency and precision are needed to produce powerful medications while mitigating investments in time and cost. Accurate, noninvasive methods of flow control address this need with direct control feedback to pumps. Built-in data acquisition cards monitor the process and allow audit logs for 21 CFR Part 11 recordkeeping. The combined system consists of a Masterflex pump, the flow controller/data logger and noninvasive ultrasonic flow sensor.

Fill/finish systems

Maintaining accuracy in the fill/finish stage of production is also a critical requirement. The Masterflex Gravimetric Filling System allows for localized fill/finish process expansion. The integrated balance and pump system is able to provide an accuracy of +/-0.01 g in research and pilot-scale applications.

Plant integrated products

If you are a large-scale company, you already have plant automation systems that can provide remote monitoring. As plants are called upon to increase capacity to meet increased demand, Masterflex pump systems also can be integrated more easily into plant control systems relying on either Ethernet/IP or Profibus protocols. These pumps are supplied with the necessary installation and troubleshooting tools to effect seamless integration into established networks.

Masterflex drives also carry a cleanroom certification that assures low particulate generation when operating in an ISO Class 5 (Class 100) cleanroom.

Masterflex can help meet the needs of research and production during this unprecedented time. Our solutions facilitate remote monitoring and control of process parameters and help to ensure efficient and accurate production and better enable you to maintain focus on your critical objectives.

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