6 reasons to use a peristaltic sampling pump for water sampling

Masterflex L/S Portable Sampling Pump; 115/230 VAC

Spring and summer are sampling water seasons

Maybe you are getting ready to head out into the field to start water sampling. Perhaps, you’ve been sampling water for some time, especially if you don’t have the freezing and thaws that happen in the north. Regardless of when you start your water sampling, are you using a peristaltic sampling pump? If not, here are some of the reasons you should use a sample pump to make your job more efficient:

  1. Low shear, no cavitation – No rotating parts in the fluid path means low aeration thus mitigating the de-gassing of sensitive VOC’s. The simple, yet powerful design has no problems with sediments or vapor-lock like other pump technologies.
  2. Non-metallic– Cavitation caused in other pump technologies can impact metallic components and cause.
  3. Single-material and smooth fluid path – Less variety in material means greater data confidence.
  4. Simple mechanics – Allows for easy field maintenance and repairs.
  5. Small diameter tubing – Unlike submersible pumps which typically need a well diameter of at least 2”, peristaltic pumps can use tubing 1” and smaller.
  6. It’s electric – No need to haul gas cans around with your pump and risk running out of gas in the field or worse, contaminating your site. These low flow pumps require little energy and can be run and charged from a car outlet. The battery is internal too. No need to mess with wires and extra equipment.

Here is an ideal sampling pump to help you with your water sampling application:

A portable pump with faster tubing changes

Versatility and portability are what the new Masterflex® L/S® Portable Sampling Pump brings to operators who need to carry around a pump. The new portable pump features the latest Easy-Load® Pump Head for faster tubing changes and flow stability. The variable-speed drive has a top speed of 400 rpm, allowing the operator to adjust the flow rate to the needs of the application. It can run up to four hours on the self-contained 12 VDC rechargeable battery, or indefinitely from any AC or 12 VDC power supply. Users can charge the internal battery from an AC power supply or a DC voltage source of lower voltaic potential than the battery itself.

The pump is encased in a high-visibility yellow housing for easy recognition and recovery in the field. It is ideal for rugged or remote pumping applications such as ponds and lake sampling in the forestry industry or in the agriculture industry for applications like feed runoff sampling. It is also suitable for use in environmental testing labs and anywhere a portable sampling pump is required.

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