The Power of Knowledge: Where to Find a Wealth of Reliable Information

By Matteo Zonta, Chef régional des ventes, Canada, Regional Sales Leader, Canada

The Cole-Parmer website has an extensive library of information from scientific and industry experts.

Lately I have been thinking about the importance of knowledge when it comes to better understanding a situation or making better decisions. Without quibbling over definitions, information, like knowledge, is a powerful tool. With information, you will undoubtedly find better solutions. So, where do you find credible information on an Internet overloaded with everything and anything? 

Reliable info for your industry

You can find reliable information for fluidics, environmental, analytics, lab essentials, and critical research and process equipment for life sciences at Cole-Parmer We have amassed an extensive library of information and knowledge over the last sixty-five plus years and continue to update it with relevant and new information. Whether you want fluid handling solutions for the BioPharma process or steps on how to clean your balance, you can find a wide array of technical articles and case studies in our technical resource library  You can also listen to on-demand webinars, watch how-to videos, use our compatibility charts, and find many other resources in our product support area.

Recently, Cole-Parmer sponsored a live webinar entitled How to Store & Transport Your Temperature-Sensitive Samples Safely – Advanced Tools for Cold Chain Monitoring & Compliance as part of our continuing Scientific Expert Webinar Series to share technical and application expertise. This webinar was then added to our library of on-demand webinars to be viewed at anytime for your convenience.

Our online library is ever changing, with the lastest information added on a daily basis, so you might want to check back often.

Expertise behind relevant information

We are a leading global manufacturer of proprietary products for fluidics, environmental, analytics, lab essentials, and critical research and process equipment for life sciences. We are proven experts in the fields of fluid handling, environmental, cold chain monitoring, sample preparation and handling, and chromatography. Our trusted brands include Masterflex®, Ismatec®, Environmental Express®, Traceable®, Spex®, PCRMax®, and our own Cole-Parmer® brand. Learn more about us

Technical resource map

See our technical resource map for easy access to all of our support.

More support for you

And finally, our representatives are an email or phone call away to answer your application questions.

I thought it would be important to pass on this information. It’s powerful stuff. 


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