Webinar: How to Increase Productivity in Biopharma with Single-Use Systems

By Eric Rentsch, Product Marketing Manager, Fluidics

Fundamentals for Biopharmaceutical Applications 

Date:August 20, 2020, Thursday  

Time: 10:00 CDT (Chicago) | 16:00 BST (London) | 17:00 CST (Madrid) | 20:30 IST (Mumbai) 

 Hosted by: 

  • Eric Nofziger
  • Mike Knapp

 Platform: Webex 

 Time: 35-mins presentation, 25-mins Q&A: 60-mins total  show time 

Session will be recorded and hosted at ColeParmer.com in the technical article section.

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Increased availability of therapies for rare diseases alongside newfound societal demands, like the aging population, has pushed the global biopharmaceuticals industry to expand at an extraordinary rate. Biopharmaceuticals offer highly effective action against illnesses that were once considered untreatable, with fewer side effects and the potential for an actual cure. 

To meet this rising demand from existing and developing markets, a greater diversity of drugs needs to be produced on a global scale, while balancing increased scrutiny from the public and regulatory authorities. Today, biopharma production facilities face unprecedented component supply risk for production.  

If you are involved in drugs and therapeutics production, you will recognize both the need for improved efficiency and the challenges presented by regulatory, legal and logistical limitations. The need for easier transition to Single-Use Technology (SUT) and an increased scope for its implementation is imminent. 

Masterflex has developed a range of solutions that illustrate the fundamentals of Single-Use Technology and enable participants to make informed decisions when selecting equipment for their next process. 

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Improve production capabilities, reducing operational costs and enhancing product safety 
  • Mitigate risks associated with cleaning procedures 
  • Select the appropriate Single-Use Technology for your unique process 

Exclusive webinar attendee offer:

Complete the survey at the end of our presentation, and we will send you a FREE box of Masterflex® L/S® Puri-Flex™ pump tubing.  

Masterflex L/S Puri-Flex tubing is ideal for both critical filling and long-term use; specially formulated to withstand millions of peristaltic pump occlusions whilst still providing accurate fluid volume. The tubing is heat sealable and weldable, making it suitable for fluid transfer. It features a smooth inner bore, discouraging proteins and other molecules from binding to it for greater cell vitality and efficient fluid movement. Enjoy the benefits of rigorous in-house testing for thousands of hours of repeatable performance. 

About our presenters

Eric Nofziger – Global Category Manager – Fluidics

Eric specializes in pump and transfer tubing for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and microfluidic industries. Eric has spent 15 years with Cole-Parmer expanding the company’s global fluidics portfolio via product development, line extensions, equipment manufacturing, joint venture and acquisitions.


Mike Knapp – Global Product Manager – Fluidics 

Mike is responsible for the commercial development of single-use instrumentation and equipment. Most recently, Mike was instrumental in expanding the Masterflex® product line with the Masterflex Single-Use GammaIrradiated Sampling Bottle Assemblies. His prior experience includes 15 years in product management of broadband wireless technology and 7 years in nuclear propulsion operations and power generation. 

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