Rushing Back to Work to Monitor Critical Environments?

Traceable remote monitoring temperature data loggers
Traceable® temperature data loggers enabled with TraceableLIVE® remote monitoring

By K.A. Danko

Keep an eye on valuable samples from anywhere

Have you been running back and forth to check on your samples? Or, are you taking a chance checking your freezer or refrigerator temperature once a week because you can’t get into your building? Many companies are just starting to allow employees into their workplaces on a part-time basis. You don’t need to worry if your samples are safe. Your critical environments can be monitored from wherever you are.

Monitor with data loggers

You need to have the right and reliable data logger. Maybe you’ve looked at many types of monitoring devices that might be out of reach for your budget. Afterall, COVID-19 has affected most everyone’s budget in some way. You don’t need a super expensive or complicated instrument, but it does need to be secure. The good news is that data loggers that provide secure monitoring don’t have to be expensive.

Traceable® data logging monitors with TraceableLive™ can meet your needs and your budget. These handy instruments are the perfect way for you to keep an eye of your valuable samples without leaving your home. They offer remote monitoring of temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters. You securely connect via a smartphone, tablet, or PC to view current conditions anywhere and access to data logging history, reports, and more. Set up is simple and easy. TraceableLIVE features unlimited scalability and segmentability, and is cost-effective.

Check out these Traceable products that are helping so many people just like you who might be worrying about keeping temperature-sensitive items safe.

Traceable temperature data loggers

Traceable Ultra-Low Temperature Data Loggers with TraceableLIVE

Traceable® Ultra-Low Temperature Data Loggers with TraceableLIVE®
Monitor ULT freezers down to –130°F (–90°C) from your mobile device.


Traceable Data Logging Ethernet Thermometers

Traceable® Ethernet Data Logging Thermometers with TraceableLIVE® Cloud Service
Stay connected to your critical environments—wherever you go!


Traceable® Temperature/Humidity Wi-Fi Data Logger

Traceable® Temperature/Humidity Wi-Fi Data Logger with TraceableLIVE®
Remotely monitor humidity and temperature.


Traceable® Multiparameter Wi-Fi Data Logger

Traceable® CO2/Temperature/Humidity Wi-Fi Data Logger with TraceableLIVE®
Remotely monitor environmental CO2, temperature, and humidity.


Traceable® Wi-Fi Data Logging Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer

Traceable® Wi-Fi Data Logging Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometers with TraceableLIVE®
Stay connected to critical environments with easy wireless access. Multiple probe styles available.


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