4 Ways To Efficiently Perform Metals Digestion

Environmental Express HotBlock for Metals Digestion

By K.A. Danko, U.S.

Make your metals testing and analysis faster and more productive

Metals are used in manufacturing processes and new uses for metals are found every day. With new and existing uses can come unknown consequences. This is why your metals digestion is so important. You perform it day in and day out. You deserve to have a workflow that works for you to make your job a little less cumbersome. We have many innovative technologies to help you get through your workflow faster. Here are 4 for you to consider:

Metals digestion workflow

Innovative products for a more efficient workflow

1. Sample preparation

Environmental Express UC475-GN Ultimate Digestion Cup

Environmental Express® UC475-GN Ultimate® Cup, Digestion Cups eliminate transfer steps

2. Sample digestion

Environmental Express HotBlock System

The Environmental Express HotBlock® Systems provide faster, cleaner, and more cost-effective metals digestions, and are accepted for EPA Methods.

3. Sample filtration

Environmental Express FilterMate Systems

Environmental Express FilterMate Systems fits directly into the digestion cups, providing convenient filtration without a transfer step.

4. Sample analysis

Environmental Express Autoblock Filling Station

Environmental Express ABF5000 AutoBlock® Fill Filling Station eliminates the most dangerous step in metals digestion—acid and reagent addition.

Want to learn more on how to improve throughput for metals digestion?
View our on-demand webinar: Clean & Safe Sample Preparation for Metals Digestion

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