[On-Demand Webinar] Optimize Cell Culture Conditions and Maximize Production with Peristaltic Pump Technology

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Hosted by:
Joe Griffiths-Barrasso

Gregg Johnson – Senior Global Product Manager
Phil Nyren – Global Product Manager Fluidics
Mike Knapp – Global Product Manager Fluidics

35 mins presentation, 25 mins Q&A – 1-hour total

About the webinar

The biopharmaceutical industry has been able to provide advanced therapies for rare diseases that were once considered untreatable by leveraging genetic engineering technology and employing the intrinsic biochemical mechanisms of bacterial and mammalian cells. However, throughout the production process, these valuable cells are lost through apoptosis, autophagy and mechanical shear, ultimately reducing the final yield.

The biopharmaceutical industry has seen extraordinary expansion over the last few years and with societal changes — such as an aging population and the advent of sophisticated diagnostic techniques — the need for biopharmaceuticals continues to grow. To meet these rising demands, a greater volume of therapeutics needs to be produced on a global scale. Improving cell survival throughout the workflow can be an effective way of increasing productivity and yield.

If you are involved in the production of biopharmaceutical drugs and therapeutics, you likely recognize the immense impact cell viability has on your final output and how increasing cell survival rates can both improve efficiency and reduce your total costs.

Masterflex® has developed a range of tools and solutions to support your entire biopharma workflow, resulting in better cell health and cell survival throughout the production process.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How fluid shear impacts cell viability and production cost
  • How pumping technology can enhance your fermentation yield
  • How to incorporate automation to improve productivity

About the presenters

Gregg Johnson – Senior Global Product Manager

Gregg has more than 40 years’ experience in the fluid handling pump market. He has extensive background in centrifugal and positive displacement pump applications and development. His experience includes applications, marketing, and product development of the Masterflex and Ismatec® peristaltic pump technology. His product development activities include launching of the first Masterflex digital drives and the initial Easy-Load® pump heads.

Philip Nyren – Global Product Manager – Masterflex & Fluid Handling

Phil has 23 years of experience with Cole-Parmer and is currently managing the Masterflex and Ismatec peristaltic pump systems and equipment. Responsibilities and experience range from product concepts and development – working closely with design and engineering teams – to technical support and troubleshooting working directly with customers.

Mike Knapp – Global Product Manager – Fluidics

Mike is responsible for the commercial development of single-use instrumentation and equipment. Most recently, Mike was instrumental in expanding the Masterflex product line with the Masterflex Single-Use Gamma-Irradiated Sampling Bottle Assemblies. His prior experience includes 15 years in product management of broadband wireless technology and 7 years in nuclear propulsion operations and power generation.

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