A light at the end of the COVID tunnel comes with distribution challenges

Monitoring vaccines during storage and transport

Cindy Gisler, Product Marketing Manager, Analytics

Manage vaccine storage and transport with reliable data loggers.

In a span of about a week, pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna reported preliminary clinical trial data showing high effectiveness of its SARS-COV2 vaccines. Although both vaccine candidates are still in Phase 3 clinical trials, there is growing probability that millions of doses will be approved for distribution soon. These vaccines are the first of several COVID-19 vaccines that will be used to fight the virus. Each vaccine will come with its own management considerations, including temperature requirements and distribution challenges. Using digital data loggers to monitor the temperatures along the vaccine cold chain will be critical for the vaccines’ success.

Ultralow temperatures for Pfizer vaccine

If you will be using the Pfizer vaccine, you will need to maintain the vaccine in an ultralow temperature range of −80°C to −70°C. This vaccine will be delivered directly to the administration sites for injection and will bypass any intermediate distribution. This will reduce the number of touch points that can compromise the ultralow temperature cold chain and ultimately impact the effectiveness of the vaccine. You may be developing the logistical infrastructure to keep these vaccines at the ultralow temperature. If you have an ultralow temperature (ULT) freezer, you are ahead of many that do not. Ensure your freezer remains at set temperatures and you are compliant by monitoring the temperature with a reliable digital data logger.

Using dry ice

For those of you that do not have the luxury of using an ultralow temperature freezer, you will need to store and transport the vaccine in dry ice that has a temperature of −78.5°C. This may make it more difficult to maintain the vaccines’ temperature, especially for longer time periods. Using a digital data logger is critical to ensure the temperature of your vaccines do not fluctuate.

Below are two temperature data loggers that will make your challenge a little easier. These are reliable and secure digital data loggers that work well with ultralow temperature freezers and with coolers that contain dry ice.

Traceable® Excursion-Trac™ Data Logging Low-Temp Thermometer with Calibration

Traceable Excursion-Trac Thermometer Data Logger 1 bottle probe

Traceable Excursion-Trac™ Data Logging Thermometer

Ideal for monitoring ultralow temperature freezers — easily monitor temperatures overnight or for any period of time. Set high and low alarms in 1 degree increments; alarm sounds when the temperature rises above or falls below set points. Unit includes NIST-traceable certificate from our A2LA accredited (1750.01) calibration laboratory.

Traceable Ultralow Temperature Wi-Fi Data Loggers with TraceableLIVE® Cloud Service

ultra low temperature data logger remote monitoring

Traceable Ultralow Temperature Wi-Fi Data Loggers with TraceableLIVE® Cloud Service.

These data loggers with Wi-Fi provide a simple, efficient and reliable way to ensure vaccines are not compromised due to temperature variations. Data loggers measure down to -90° C with ±0.1°C accuracy — ideal for ultralow temperature freezers. This data logger includes NIST-traceable certificate from our accredited (1750.01) calibration laboratory.

Moderna vaccine temperatures

If you are accepting the Moderna vaccine, you may have an easier time keeping the vaccine at its set temperature range of 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F) during storage by using your current refrigerator. However, transporting across a facility may be a little more challenging. You need to make sure your vaccine remains uncompromised during transport by using a proper transport box or bag and a reliable digital data logger. Monitoring the temperature is still crucial and required. Here are data loggers that can help you keep your vaccines safe under these conditions.

Traceable Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Wi-Fi Data Loggers with TraceableLIVE Cloud Service

traceable wifi refrigerator temperature data logger

Traceable Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Wi-Fi Data Logger

You can monitor the temperature range of your refrigerators and freezers with these data loggers. Stay connected to your critical environments wherever by simply connecting to your data via smartphone, tablet, or PC using TraceableLIVE wireless capability. View current temperature conditions; the cloud-based interface sends email, text, and push notifications. Includes NIST-traceable certificate from our A2LA accredited (1750.01) calibration laboratory.

Traceable Temperature/Humidity Bluetooth Data Logger TraceableGO

Traceable® Temperature and Temperature/Humidity Bluetooth® Data Logger Compatible with TraceableGO™ App

Traceable Temperature and Temperature/Humidity Bluetooth® Data Logger Compatible with TraceableGO™ App and TraceableLIVE Cloud Service

Track environmental conditions of reagents, clinical samples, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and food items during transport to any location—Bluetooth® data loggers monitor shipments while in transit. Compact, durable data loggers fit almost anywhere—even inside a small cooler.

TraceableLIVE® cloud service

traceablelive remote temperature monitoringYou have the option to subscribe to cloud-based TraceableLIVE service to upload data to cloud—ideal for tracking data from multiple loggers or to comply with regulatory agency requirements. The low-cost TraceableLIVE subscription provides unlimited trip data to be saved on the cloud as well as the ability to send a report to an email.


We are still very much in the throws of the COVID-19 pandemic but in the light of recent events, there is a growing sense we are turning a corner. Other vaccines will follow in the footsteps of Pfizer and Moderna in our fight against COVID-19. Using a reliable digital data logger for vaccine storage and transport, regardless of the temperature range required, can ensure your vaccines remain safe through the entire vaccine cold chain and provide you with piece of mind. Thanks to all of you who are on the front lines fighting this pandemic.


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