Webinar: Amplify Your PCR Success

Webinar banner Amplify Your PCR Success

PCR is not as difficult as you may think

Dates: April 22, 2021, Thursday 

Time:  10 am PDT (Los Angeles) | 12 pm CDT (Chicago) | 1 pm EDT (New York) 

Hosted by: Joe Griffiths-Barrasso 

Presented by: 

  • Patricia Atkins, Senior Applications Scientist at Spex® CertiPrep 
  • Alan H. Katz, PhD, Director, Global Product Manager – Chemicals at Spex CertiPrep 
  • Eric Smith, Applications Scientist at Spex® SamplePrep 
  • Lea Anderson-Smith, PhD, DirectorEngineering (R&D) at Spex SamplePrep 

Time:60 mins (40 mins presentation, 20 mins Q&A) 


About the webinar

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is an essential tool for biological analysis. This molecular biology technique gained newfound recognition when it was thrust into mainstream attention during the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic; and PCR testing became the standard tool for detection of the disease-causing virus (SARS-CoV-2). 

Since its invention in the 1980s, PCR has become instrumental for many applications such as medical testing, biological research, quality control, forensic analysis, and environmental monitoring. 

PCR technology utilizes the biological DNA replication machinery to amplify small quantities of genetic material to facilitate downstream analysissuch as microbiological detection and genetic fingerprinting. Therefore, it is important to carefully process and prepare PCR samples to minimize contamination and increase available material.   

Equally important is understanding all the key steps, interactions and chemical reactions that take place during the amplification of genetic material to generate usable and quantifiable results. 

In this presentation

We will look at the basics of PCR and the practical aspects of sample preparation, chemical reagent selection, and types of processing that can improve or amplify the PCR workflow. 

Despite its mistaken reputation as a difficult technique to master, PCR is, in fact, a simple tool that offers accurate and rapid results. Whether you are involved in clinical diagnostics, medical research, bioprocessing, vaccine and therapeutics development, food and beverage, agriculture, or botanicals testing, you can use PCR to deliver quick and consistent results. 

Antylia Scientific™ (formerly known as Cole-Parmer) and Spex® have a range of innovative tools that can be leveraged for rapid, reliable, and reproducible PCR analysis. 

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of PCR reactions 
  • Learn about sample preparation methods that significantly alter PCR results
  • Explore the chemistry of reagents, components and kits that affect PCR performance 

About the presenters

Patricia Atkins – Senior Applications Scientist at Spex CertiPrep 

Patricia graduated from Rutgers University in NJ and started her career as a laboratory supervisor for Ciba Specialty Chemicals. In 2008, Patricia joined Spex CertiPrep within their Certified Reference Material’s division. As a senior application scientist, she spends much of her time researching industry trends and developing new reference materials. She is an experienced speaker and has presented at numerous conferences, including NACRW, NEMC, Pittcon and AOAC. She is also a published author and her work has appeared in various journals and trade publications, including Spectroscopy, LCGC and Cannabis Science and Technology, where she is a columnist for analytical issues in botanicals testing. 

Alan H. Katz, PhD – Director, Global Product Manager – Chemicals at Spex CertiPrep 

Alan holds a BA in Chemistry from the University at Buffalo and a PhD from Princeton University. His specialties include organic, computational, heterocyclic, and synthetic chemistry, drug discovery, biological assay design, structure-based molecular modelling, and lab automation. He has enjoyed combining his expertise with his interest in computer programming to develop a system to assist in drug discovery. At Spex CertiPrep, he was responsible for the manufacturing and quality control of certified chemical reference materials, including inorganic and organic chemical standards and recently transitioned to director, global product manager for chemicals overseeing new product development, R&D and supply chain. 

Eric Smith – Applications Scientist at Spex SamplePrep 

Eric holds a BS in chemistry from Kean University. His current role at Spex SamplePrep involves managing all phases of application development including specifications, data collection, literature research, reporting and presentations. He serves as applications scientist and an internal ISO 9001 auditor; a technical expert, traveling domestically and internationally for customer visits and tradeshowsPrior to joining Spex, Eric worked as a R&D and QA chemist and currently also serves as an instructor at the International Center for Diffraction Data and the London X-ray Consulting Group. 

Lea Anderson-Smith, PhD – Director, Engineering (R&D) at Spex SamplePrep 

Lea Anderson-Smith holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from MIT. She is currently Director of Engineering for Spex SamplePrep and Katanax equipment and accessories, managing design and development of new products and updates to existing products. She also managed operations for the Spex SamplePrep business for many years and maintains an active role in technical support for customers and service of customerowned equipment. She works closely with the product management and commercial teams in identifying new product and application opportunities with the goal of helping scientists in their work. 

Madalina Enache – Product Sales Manager (EMEA) – PCRmax®, Techne® and Argos Technologies® 

Madalina holds BSc (with Hons) in Biology and a MSc in Microbiology. She joined Antylia Scientific three years ago, when it was known as Cole-Parmer, as part of the application sales team. She has risen through several commercial roles, focused on PCR products, to become the EMEA Product Sales Manager for our PCRmax, Techne and Argos Technologies brands. 



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