5 Reasons to Use Single-Use Solutions

Have you adopted single-use into your process?

Over the past few years, single-use has risen in the bioprocess industry. Single-use is displacing stainless steel in bioprocessing in 2021.. You may find this is the to be the case in your own process. If not, you may want to start considering making the switch to single-use and experience a more efficient and productive process. Productivity is why many bioprocessing companies make the switch to single-use. Why? Stainless steel has it’s place in the bioprocess, but in many circumstances, it makes the process more cumbersome and slows productivity. With single-use, you can realize reduced cross-contamination risks, lower capital investment, no more cleaning and sterilizing, reduced turnaround times, scale an operation up or down with limited additional investment, and so much more.

Get running quickly

Single-use allows you to get your process up and running quickly. Masterflex® Single-Use allows you to work more efficiently. You can find the widest selection of fluid path components and sensor technology to meet the needs of your process including filtration, fluid lines, process containment, process control, cell generation, or sampling. And it’s not just about the products, you can consult with the Masterflex technical experts to help you get exactly what you need, so you can start reaping the many benefits. In fact, here are 5 reasons to consider Masterflex Single-Use:

5 reasons to choose single-use

1 Fast turn-around for your designs because thousands of our components are in-stock.

2 Ensure supply levels and streamline component management with the market’s widest selection of biocompatible fluid path equipment from major brands includi Nordson, PendoTECH, EMD Millipore, Colder, and Saint-Gobain.


3 Never chase down documentation again. Components are assembled in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom. Documentation to support material compliance requirements and validation procedures are provided with every lot.


4 Easy integration with thoughtful packaging and labeling. Single-use packaging has been tested and validated to stringent guidelines to ensure product quality throughout shipping, arrival, and storage at your facility.

5 Save on costs by getting exactly what you need from pilot to production. Scalable value-added services such as custom-cut tubing, component kitting, small-lot gamma irradiation—even customized pump solutions. All are available at three levels: as kits assembled in a cleanroom; as kits assembled in a cleanroom and sent for gamma irradiation; and as kits assembled in a cleanroom, sent for gamma irradiation, and inclusion of  SAL 10-6  document.

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