[Watch Now] How to Optimize Final Filling in Bioprocess to Increase Profitability

Masterflex bioprocessing webinar June

See how a biopharma company enhances its filling process

45 minutes (35 minutes presentation, 10 mins Q&A)

With increasing diagnostic capacities and the advent and availability of novel therapies, the global biopharmaceuticals industry has been expanding at an extraordinary rate. To meet the rising demands from existing and developing markets, not only is it important to build a robust workflow but also to continually think of process improvements that can be leveraged to enhance productivity, save time, reduce costs, minimize contamination, and meet the needs of an application that requires rapid scaling up.

Improving any process in your biopharma workflow requires thorough, step-by-step planning and consideration. In this webinar, we will follow Progenika Biopharma, a Grifols company, on the journey of how they enhanced the filling processes for their kits, accommodating the need for bottling different volumes of solutions and reagent without compromising on accuracy or precision.

The final filling mistakes within bioprocessing are far too expensive to be allowed or tolerated. Continuous optimization is a commitment all companies need to embrace to increase the business profitability potential. Evaluating and utilizing new technologies will enable a faster methodology of process, increase the scaling up of bioprocesses, and increase the accuracy of the final filling dosage. In turn, this will optimise the time needed per sample and increase the product output potential, while consistently reducing cost.

Masterflex®, an Antylia Scientific company, has developed a range of solutions that illustrate process improvement options and enable customers to make informed decisions when selecting equipment and consumables.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. The main objectives and a step-by-step guide to consider when making any process improvements
  2. How to manage changes and automations for scaling up processes; efficiently matching higher throughput
  3. How to circumnavigate common pitfalls, using real industry examples

About the presenters

Andeka Ocio – Manufacturing and Process Validation Technician, Progenika Biopharma

Andeka graduated with a Biotechnology Bachelor’s Degree from the University of the Basque Country. Shortly after, Andeka found his passion within the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and bio-healthcare industries. For the past two years, Andeka has been working within the production area of Progenika Biopharma, a Grifols company. Andeka is responsible for the validation and optimization of the manufacturing process. He has implemented several in-process quality controls, scaled up different processes, helped to minimize manufacturing errors, and increased process efficiency while reducing costs.

Robert Martindale – Product Sales Manager, Masterflex®

Rob is the EMEA product sales manager for Masterflex, an Antylia Scientific company. Rob’s primary focus is introducing the steady stream of new innovative products into the marketplace. He assists our vast and experienced sales team as they provide our customers with application solutions incorporating our Masterflex pumps, pump tubing and single-use technology. Rob has 20 years of experience working within manufacturing of medical devices. He began his career as a mechanical design engineer.

Learn more about Masterflex.

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