How to Obtain Superior Quality Control for Seed Testing

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By Shannon Andrade, Manager of Mar-Com, India

Authenticity of seeds is imperative and so is optimizing your testing process.

Adulteration is a real issue when purchasing seeds for farming. Farmers rely on your plant and agriculture laboratory to determine the authenticity of the seeds through their physical, physiological, phytosanitary and genetic qualities in order to ensure protection on their investment.

Quality testing of seeds is important to producers, governing bodies, plant researchers and developers alike. All stakeholders rely on tests prescribed by bodies like International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) and Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (ICAR) to determine quality and testing parameters. The procedures prescribed by ISTA become very obligatory especially in the matter of international trade.

Testing protocols help

Authenticity of the cultivar

A unique plant whose characteristics have been controlled by people and process of breeding.


Evaluate the planting value and the authenticity of the certified lot.

Economic yield

Processes are used to forecast a yield analysis based on seed quality.

Lab challenges

The challenge for your laboratory is to maintain the highest level of consistency, accuracy, and repeatability through the entire testing process while identifying anomalies and imperfection in the test samples. So how do you do this?

SPEX SamplePrep and organic and inorganic standards can help you to develop and maintain good laboratory practices through a unique range of offerings for every stage of your value chain.

Spex solutions for the entire process

SPEX - Sample Prep solutions


Organic and inorganic standards

Premixed pesticide multi-compound CRMs

SPEX - CRMs and Mixes


Heavy metals and minerals testing kits

SPEX - Metals and minerals testing kits


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