How to find support for your complete bioprocess fluid path

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By Matteo Zonta, Chef régional des ventes, Canada, Regional Sales Leader, Canada

One powerful resource is all you need

Do you spend too much time scanning various websites to find products for your bioprocess fluid path? Maybe you go to one place for pump systems and another for sensors and another still for the fittings and filters? Perhaps, you have several reps for different products. Did you know you can find everything in one place and call on one rep to support your complete fluid path bioprocess workflow? It’s as simple as partnering with Masterflex Bioprocessing and accessing the company’s website at

New website focuses solely on supporting your complete fluid path

The Masterflex website was recently updated to allow you to quickly find what you need for your complete fluid path from research to production. If you’ve ever visited the Masterflex website, it contained all the products also located on the Cole-Parmer website. Now, the Masterflex website is streamlined so your experience will be more efficient. It only includes what you need for your fluidics including Masterflex and Ismatec pumps and pump tubing, single-use components and assemblies, flowmeters, sensors, controllers, fittings, and valves.

Navigating the website is a central resource for anyone who is interested fluid handling (be it pumps, fittings or tubing) as well as the entire fluid pathway. The website is easy to navigate. The main sections are located at the top of site pages. Each section is designed to guide you through easy-to-read menus, so you can quickly find the information you need. 


When you click on PRODUCTS, you will be taken to a menu of popular products. From there, you can click on menus and categories to find any product you need for your bioprocess workflow, including the expanded Single-Use Technology categories. You can also use the search tool to find what you need.


In this area, information and products are listed by industry. For example, under pharmaceutical, you’ll find the latest pumps, tubing, fittings, etc., as well as a breakdown of biopharma processing workflows and specific information for tangential flow filtration, buffer prep, cell culture transfer, and vaccine and therapeutics production.


Shop the premium Masterflex brands. See why top biopharma companies and beyond have trusted Masterflex®, across the globe since 1955.


Masterflex has many services for your convenience. Choose from calibration services, custom-engineered solutions, custom single-use systems and assemblies, custom-cut tubing and more to keep your process running perfectly.

Product support

You can find a wealth of information for product and application support under the PRODUCT SUPPORT section. Here are helpful tools to aid in making the best product selections, plus handy resources to help make your job easier.

Set up an online account for a more personalized experience

When you create an account, you can enjoy personalized website features designed to make your experience easier and more efficient. Use express checkout, see your order history and quotes, save technical documents, add shopping lists and more.

Masterflex® Bioprocessing, an Antylia Scientific company, offers world-renowned products, service, and support for the entire fluid pathway to the bioprocess industry. And at the heart of this value proposition is a powerful resource dedicated to supporting your fluid handling needs —



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